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Marriage counseling/couples counseling

MARRIAGE THERAPY / COUPLE THERAPY When a couple decides to seek marriage counseling or couples therapy, both of them are usually already so entangled with each other that they find it difficult to find their own inner clarity about what they actually want. However, they often know exactly what they don't want and what they reject from their partner. In contrast to most marriage counseling sessions, my counseling sessions do not always take place together. For solution-oriented marriage counseling or relationship counseling, the following appointments are usually sufficient: - a joint one Appointment at the start of the consultation (approx. 2 hours) - 3 to 4 separate individual appointments (approx. 1.5 hours) - after the individual appointments a joint final appointment (approx. 2 hours).

Young woman looks sadly out of the window

Singles counseling/single therapy

Relationship therapy/relationship counseling Are you longing intensely for a relationship and can't find anyone who suits you, or are you constantly disappointed? Many people who are unable to find the right partner for a long time, or who have the feeling that they keep ending up with the wrong person, suffer from feelings of loneliness, desperation or even injustice. Ignorance by partners. If you are unable to find a satisfying relationship for a long time, it is important to ask yourself, among other things, -what your own truth is in relation to the level of closeness in a relationship, -whether or to what extent it is perhaps a meaningful creative achievement of one's own unconscious not to have found real relationships yet and -how to open yourself up to a fulfilling relationship that corresponds to your own inner truth. In my systemically oriented therapy, relationship problems are not viewed as an obstacle whose causes need to be explored, but rather as a guide to what is still missing to one's own happiness.

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