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Psychotherapy procedures

Here you can find out more about my psychotherapeutic work.



Accompaniment / pastoral care /

We live in a society of possibilities in which the requirements for what we do and how we live are reduced to a minimum. This freedom continually demands decisions and personal responsibility from us to an unprecedented extent. In view of this development and the accelerating change in values, the question arises as to how we can orient our lives, what is really important to us and fills us with meaning. Because where people are valued primarily for their objectively identifiable and measurable achievements, the world of the mind, the inner mood, and the feelings is relegated to a shadowy existence. Many people today therefore have pressing questions about their lifestyle and inner direction. They are looking for something deeper than just functioning in the context of everyday life. The accompaniment is dedicated, among other things, to: Questions of meaning that are deeply rooted in the conscience, in the soul or even in longing and do not yet find a proper place in practical life. Accompaniment is suitable for people - in crisis situations, - who want to find out what is essential to them, - who want to find their inner calling - who are looking for a down-to-earth spirituality.

Initiatische Therapie

Initiatic therapy

The initiatic therapy was developed by Prof. Dr. Karlfried Graf Dürckheim and Dr. Maria Hippius-Gräfin Dürckheim develops and expands standard psychotherapy by taking human dimensions into account that are neglected in standard procedures. On the one hand, she takes C. G. Jung's depth psychology into account with regard to human individuation. But it also expands this approach to include the initiatic (= opening the gate to the secret), in which people can become aware of their dual origins as a human being of material origin and as a spiritual being at the same time. Initiatic therapy therefore goes far beyond classic psychotherapy , by including not only the psychological but also the spiritual component of the person, which has nothing to do with belonging to a church or religion.

Systemische Therapie
Tree roots

Systemic therapy

In my systemic psychotherapy, I assume that every person with no matter how great difficulties has already developed all the skills to solve their problems in a way that used to make sense in their situation and that these skills still fulfill an unconscious function even today. This also applies to traumatic experiences in the previous biography. In our work, we focus on identifying the skills we have acquired and using them profitably to address the patients' current problems. At the same time, we look at the systems (e.g. family system) in which you previously had to “function” and the systems in which you find yourself today. In this way, unconscious inner programming, “what you have to do” or “how you have to be”, can be brought into consciousness and the existing skills can be put into a new context.


Psychosomatic therapy

In his extensive work "Psychosomatic Medicine", Thure von Uexküll describes a division of our healthcare system into body-related medicine for sick bodies without souls and psychological medicine for suffering souls without bodies. Body, mind and soul are an individual unit that cannot be further divided without losing their individuality. The division of medicine into ever more numerous disciplines has brought many beneficial advances. But sometimes it cannot provide sufficient or long-term help because only disease symptoms of organs are treated, without taking into account that the whole person is in need. Psychosomatic medicine compensates for the disadvantages of today's specialization by using the knowledge gained to date , but also places it in a larger context. Psychosomatic treatments include: suitable for people, -who continue to suffer from another illness despite successful treatment of one illness (symptom shift) - to whom the doctors say that they have not found any organic causes for the existing complaints, -who, in addition to conventional medical or alternative treatments, are looking for a holistic way to get healthy again and come into better contact with their self-healing powers.

Aktive Imagination
Find the inner key

Active imagination

Active imagination is a dialogue with unconscious parts of ourselves. These parts often hold views that are very different from our conscious attitudes and the map of life in our heads. They demand their rights in a way that we do, for example. B. Call fate. Because consciousness has the property of experiencing everything that is currently unknown to it as coming from outside. The messages from the unconscious usually come to us in images that we can relate to not only in dreams but also when we are awake. This requires a protected space and expert support. Active imagination can bring knowledge content and possible solutions to problems into consciousness that are closed to rational consideration.


hypnotherapy /

Hypnotherapy is based on the fact that every person naturally perceives themselves and their surroundings through a filter that is shaped by their previous biography and their - sometimes traumatic - internal archive of successful coping strategies. In short: Every person carries a very individual “map” of reality within them. Very different conscious processes can also take place at the same time, from which we make an unconscious selection in which life situation or for which needs a certain way of looking at things is needed based on our previous ones experiences would be optimal. Depending on the rules that prevail in the respective space of consciousness, certain thought processes are brought to the foreground and other possibilities are pushed into the background. This is called a trance. Trance therefore represents a permanent change from one state of consciousness to another. Hypnotherapy does not attempt to work against existing conscious processes, but is aimed at using the skills acquired so far as strength and placing them in a creative context.

Horoscope drawing

Psychological astrology

Astrological advice / horoscope: There is an important human law: it is called “ripening and growing”. We are equipped with a very individual level of problems on our life path. In an unredeemed form, we often experience this fact as inner distress. The original Greek word “problema” means both difficulty and task. It is by no means the stars that determine our fate. However, the individual birth horoscope makes it clear where the learning and growth tasks lie in one's own life. Astrological advice is also suitable for people who have questions about their inner calling.

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