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Coaching/supervision in Esslingen

Coaching is an individual form of advice for people,

the new paths in their professional activity, in their private life or

also want to find balance in terms of balance. 

As a consultant (coach), I support you as a client (coachee):

- look at your own truth about your points of view and attitude,
- to reflect on one's own view of humanity,
- gain inner clarity, 
- if necessary, also consider the advantages (other people's or your own) appreciatively,

  that arise from it,   

   that persistent problems are not solved over a long period of time,
- to identify your own  unwillingness (hidden goals) that could contribute to       that no solution has been found yet.

If you want to take advantage of coaching from me, you have to literally “set out”, i.e. come to my practice in Esslingen am Neckar.


We will agree on the basic principles and general conditions by phone before the first appointment.


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