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14 years of experience as a human resources manager in a company with around 1,500 employees, 8 years of experience as a personnel developer, diverse leadership experience as a choir conductor (many standard further training courses in management and personnel consulting), mediation experience, NLP, hypnosis, initiatic therapy, systemic therapy, singing lessons as well as lessons in 4 different musical instruments - own development of a voice training method requested by professionals),

The alternative practitioner offers marriage counseling, coaching, psychotherapy and voice training for professional musicians and laypeople. For 14 years he was the HR manager of a company with around 1,500 employees. To this day he works part-time for this company as a human resources developer in order not to lose contact with developments in everyday professional life that affect his clients.

Experience as a coach or supervisor for managers, supervisory boards, qualified psychologists, doctors, musicians.

Privately, he lives in a good relationship that he doesn't take for granted, as he has learned from his own experience what prevents a good couple relationship.

He is convinced: "You can only help people in their respective situations if you have proven yourself in their respective situations and have also learned on your own path in life how to avoid personal stumbling blocks."

Hartmut Rademacher2

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Current catchment area: Baden-Württemberg: Esslingen, Stuttgart, Fellbach, Remshalden, Waiblingen, Weinstadt, Winnenden, Korb, Ostfildern, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Neuhausen, Köngen, Filderstadt, Kirchheim, Nürtingen, Aichtal, Altbach, Plochingen, Baltmannsweiler, Rudersberg, Wernau , Ludwigsburg, Korntal, Remseck, Benningen, Neidlingen, Grötzingen, Heidelberg, Göppingen, Eislingen, Schorndorf, Böblingen, Herrenberg, Reutlingen, Pforzheim, Ulm, Neuffen, Geislingen an der Steige. Schwäbisch Gmünd Bavaria: Munich, Polling, Garmisch, Nuremberg, Oettingen North Rhine-Westphalia: Cologne, Halver (near Lüdenscheid) Lower Saxony: Wolfenbüttel Hamburg Hesse: Nidderau Austria: Graz Croatia: Zagreb France: Perpignan

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Wilhelm-Nagel-Str. 24

73732 Esslingen

Tel: +49 (0) 711 3180831

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